martedì 28 settembre 2010

Once again in favour of Sakineh!

I'd like to address the following words to the Iranian leader, Mr. Ahmadinejad.

In the Holy Bible, when Abel was murdered by his brother Cain for jalousy, God spoke to Isreali people who claimed for revenge and said: "Shall anybody dare touching Cain!". Now, if United States were wrong in getting executed, by a deadly injection, Teresa Lewis, a self-confessing multi-murderer woman, guilty of having killed her husband and the little stepdaughter in order to collect insurance's money, and then found mentally ill, well, I'd like to ask You: do You really want to act the same way of Obama and the USA, which You and Your country are criticizing so much? I hope that You'll be more intelligent, as You recently showed during a speech of Yours at the UNO, when you have put on the desk, before starting to speak, both the Holy Bible and the Curan. If You really believe in those holy books of ancient wisdom, You wouldn't really let You be responsible of the same mistake of that sadistic Virginia's Governor. Nobody's got the right to cut off the living breath of another human being, only God could. Indeed, Bible itself teaches that God hates murder, from everywhere it comes and from every reason it is commited for. Remember the words of Jesus before the stoning to death of an adulteress. He said: "Only those of you who are sinless shall launch the first stone". Nobody did it because nobody on this earth has the right to execute another human being like a dog, how serious his crime may be, because none of us is sinless and our impurities don't allow us to step up as judges of others to the point of taking their life away. Human life belongs to God, not to man, because it was a God's gift, let's remember that!
So many women were stoned to death or hanged along the centuries, due to Islamic law, don't You think it's time, in the second millenium, to stop all that, to set finally a turning point, cultural, political, human, religious, as you prefer to call it, of real justice on this rotten world of ours? So, let your women live in peace, women who are the real heart of this planet, women who give birth to children, who take care of us when we are ill during our childwood, let's respect them as they are or one day you'll wake up with their whole blood streaming to You like a raging river...It's never too late for changing, to stop just before the abyss of inhumanity!


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