To President Obama

First of all a kind greeting to everybody. Today I'm here to ask for a response to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Mister Obama, you seem so worried about Cuban political prisoners in Cuba, for the ladies in white, those brave women, as you call them, why don't you answer the question asked from our President Raul Castro? Why don't you do anything for those worms who cry freedom? Since it is in your hands the freedom of these hideous that North America support... As Raul says, if you really want them, why don't you give us in return the five Cuban heroes imprisoned by you? The Cuban people will gladly exchange your worms, who you call political prisoners, being held in Cuban homeland jails and who actually are just thieves and common criminals, traitors hired without dignity in the paylist of the enemies of Cuba, the american gansters and the Cuban mafia in Miami. Or maybe isn't it that what you really want Mr President, but the Cuban country? Not those worms who cry freedom, not what you call white ladies, who have nothing of ladies at all, not even shoes. I wouldn't have called them white ladies but rather bored housewives who sell their dignity for little money ...
President Obama, why don't you rather care for all those poor Americans living in your great country? Why don't you see the harm caused by U.S. to the poor countries of the world before judging us? Why don't you see the wars, where many American soldiers are killed in change of yet another oil well conquered by the strategy of multinational monopoly of oil and American lobbies that represent them? And why you, Mr. President, do not remove the embargo on Cuba? The 47 years of it do not seem enough for you or are you still longing to our surrender by starvation, in order to transform our wonderful island in a paradise for rich tourists, mafiots and the wealthy Americans, as it was in the 40s? If so, first of all this paradise wouldn't be as it is anymore in a short time. Then, you must know that the dignity of the Cuban people, accustomed to suffering and greed, has even strengthened during all these years and that it won't bow ever! It's hypocritical to talk about lack of freedom in other countries when you Americans first do not have this freedom (or better, only rich people have it!). And even you, Mr. Obama, I do not think you are quite free too! Mr. President, you are talking about freedom, do you really know what this word means? I guess you should examine your conscience before you speak of freedom, you should first break free from the conditioning of many years of American history, where true freedom there was very little and I mean that kind of freedom that can not be separated from social justice and peace. If you believe, like many Americans do, that money can buy everything, remember that the morality of a country is not for sell, luckily not everybody is like Yoani Sanchez! You won a Nobel Award for Peace, Mr. President, you know what I say to you: I felt disappointed by you, I thought you were smarter. But I realize that you are an arrogant.
Mr. President, I do not sell my country for a handful of dollars, I do not tell lies to ridiculize my homeland, a country whose people have suffered so much and whose difficulties have made them united and stronger in solidarity. I love Cuba faithfully as it is and not otherwise, I would not want to change it and I do not want a shameless President. Cuba is free and it always will be at the cost of shedding blood!
I say to you Mr. President, stay away from Cuba, because Cuba will never be another U.S. state or another Puerto Rico! Just do your own business at your home and stop the orchestrated campaigns against Cuba, if you are a man! Cuba has nothing to do with your philosophy of 'Yes we can'.
I hope, Mr. President Obama, that you change your mind and words about Cuba, because Cuba is not alone, it has many supporters in the world, all those free men and women who still appreciate the ancient value of dignity and freedom of a people.

Revolutionarily Yours, a native Cuban fighting for her country.

Long live Cuba, long live Fidel! Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante!

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