sabato 8 ottobre 2011

Vidatox, Cuba's New Cancer Drug

Havana - Specialists from Cuba’s Labiofam biopharmaceutical laboratories are now marketing a homeopathic cancer drug called Vidatox in Latin America and Europe.

The drug is made from the venom of a scorpion endemic to Cuba and will be on the world market before the end of the year, Labiofam director Jose Fraga Castro said at a press conference.
Vidatox is a sublingual homeopathic solution with proven analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects.
Extracted from the blue scorpion Rhopalurus junceus, a species endemic to Cuba, the drug’s active ingredients are five low molecular weight peptides.
Vidatox promotes anti-tumor activity, and when combined with conventional antineoplasic treatment, results in better quality of life and a longer life for cancer patients, Fraga said. “We are not talking about substituting that therapy, but about simultaneous use, producing synergic effect for promoting anti-tumor action,” Fraga said.
As Labiofam continues to research new formulas, it will continue to be involved in international cooperation to eradicate vector-borne diseases and to implement programs for preventing dengue, especially in Third World countries.
Another of Labiofam’s main lines is supporting these nations with experts and the transfer of experience and technology.
Its actions also will reach Asian countries like China — which is having problems eliminating malaria in some of its southern regions — and Iran and India, which are dealing with pathologies caused by mosquitoes and rodents.

September 23, 2011
Photo: Garal
Source: Prensa Latina

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