domenica 11 settembre 2011

Mysterious Ball Object Seen Flying Over WTC on 9/11 - New Uncovered Footage

I didn't make this video. I got it from Richard D. Halls website The footage we have all seen on 9/11 have been edited to hide what really had happened on that. Live uncut footage has been obtained by 9/11 researchers which show a ball like object flying in with great speed flying along side the towers the same time the second plane hit.

Amazing new evidence suggests Mainstream Media colluded with the terrorists on 9/11.

Commenti principali:

The story of their fall was not as you were told. Many have reasoned this. There was a massive amount of Gold in the trillions taken from the lower levels before the event. The leveling of the twins was to hide the theft. The third building in your terms labeled building 7 which went down mysteriously having not been hit by a plane receiving very little damage was taken down to destroy the evidence of this gold ever existing. Building 7 was filled with files with other incriminating evidence.

Okay guys why don't you all go and watch September clues before jumping to any stupid conclusions that he is being stupid or making stuff up. Seriously, not cool. No one said you had to agree with everything he's saying but everyone has their own opinions on what happened on 9/11 k?

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